About the Haemo-Laser Therapy

History of the laser:
The development of the laser therapy reaches back to the time around 1920.
Already 1964 first clinical studies were published about the local treatment with laser therapy of badly healing wounds.
Approximately 20 years ago the systemic treatment of the body by laser irradiation of the blood was developed out of it.

What is laser light?
Laser light is a light with specific characteristics - due to the high energy content and the specific characteristics very good therapeutic effects are achieved with certain diseases.

Which effect brings the haemo-laser therapy?
The haemo-laser therapy has a regulatory effect.
The direct dosed irradiation of the blood by means of a special single-use optical wave guide into the cubital vein leads to the following effects:

  • optimization of the metabolism in the blood cell
  • positive influence on the flow characteristics of the blood
  • increase of the blood circulation and oxygen supply in the whole organism

Due to the consequential biochemical processes in the cell diseases can be avoided and disorders improved.

Clinical effects:

  • improvement of blood circulation
  • decrease of inflammations
  • pain relief
  • increase of wound healing

Haemo-Laser animation